A simple man of faith, living a not so simple life relying on faith.

Over 4 decades of direct sales as a top 1%er, insurance broker. Yep top 1%

I don’t “sell insurance”. I focus of the entire client, project or business and provide solutions to reduce risk. Contractual transfers, hold harmless indemnity agreements and insurance are all part of it. But the focus is on setting things up to non of that is ever needed. Gaining my clients insurance cost reductions as I reduce risk.

GDBLU can be easily found with any google search using his name and the company he created.

At a point we all ask what would we do if we didn’t have to worry about making a living, or another $1.00?

Simple. For me I Serve my Savior the same way I did when I did have to make a living. I focus In helping others. I have some very unique knowledge and skill sets I forged over the decades.

As a dyslexic child with many other serious childhood challenges of serious abuse and neglect in the early ‘60’s that frankly still shake me a bit even to this day. I was taught anger and the fight reflex.

Never to cry and just take it. At some point I did fight back. I think I was about 5 when I first stepped in between my parents nightly fight.

I also found Jesus at 8 and began fighting the nature of who I was. A life long fight it is.

For most of my career I quickly wired into the top of all sales professionals, as well as income producers. I didn’t know it at the time other than the trips and rewards I simply had to.

Frankly the worst way to judge another of anyways I can imagine is money. I will share that it isn’t the accomplishment that matters. It is the caring about others that mattered the most and still does.

If you decide to follow me and ask for my help I demand the highest of payment. I demand simply that you are kind to others and use what I share to better your life and the lives of others. As simple as that sounds you would be surprised at how many can or will promise to pay my fee as I just demanded, only to find some way or reason to not do it. If you can’t or wont, then really what I can teach you wont work anyway. The heart of all the “sales success” you can guess at as you google me is caring about others and serving their needs exclusively and without thought of compensation. A hard one for most to truly understand.

If you can agree to my fee, make no mistake it may seem easy to say yes to, but I assure you it isn’t. But then it is and you too can come to this place where all that matters is caring and helping others. Jesus is the center of my life. My wife and children and grandchildren surround him. Then comes my country, others (you for instance) followed by myself.

Your first payment is kindness. To begin, each day you must on and with purpose say or do something kind for someone else. So each and everyday in person or if not possible than you have to make a phone call and say something kind and uplifting to another person. Make their day better. Like I said I demand a high fee for my help. You may think it easy for a bit. But 365 days a year from this moment forth you must make the payment!

To save time, yes I will be plagiarizing some. Just the best stuff, usually with my own unique spin on it. 🙂

Grant W Davis